Need help to setup Voice and Raspi Muse Proto

hi i got a couple of these Raspi Musi Proto’s so i can do the voice to text to be able to turn on lights etc… but i cant get it work…or figure out how to set it it up or listen to speech say in HA or Node Red

i did try the install for HA

i set it for proto Home assistant and set it up but there is no microphone option

i found

but it complains the pin is being used in multiple locations so it wont complile so i cant even use that version

so i could use some help on what to do to get this board to listen to voice commands least the first step havent made it to step 2 of how to connect it to a light like turn on light or the wake up word i set

i did find a new link for the raspi muse that still wont compile this one…

but now i dont know how to incorporate it to listen once it works