Need help troubleshooting

I took a pause from HA because I was taken back by the latency of zwave commands from the web interface. I want to get back into it, but not sure where to start at. My setup is a Synology DiskStation with an Aeon Zwave USB. I was going to use my odroid if any one thought that might help. Any other suggestions?

I use a Synology server and the Aeon Zwave usb and the commands are almost instant. It could be a defective Zwave usb, interference or something else but since it’s local it should be pretty instant.

Opps. Sorry. I have a Aeotec Gen5 Zwave Plus USB

for Synology, try this: on Synology DSM (native package)

Then setup z-wave as an addon and specify where your stick is located…

What makes that special compared to the he docker setup? is a combo of a lite linux OS, hass doc…

I followed your guide but i can’t find in home assistant,
but i can find the container running
any idea?