Need Help using RS232 to control AV equipment in Home Assistant

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction so I can use Home Assistant to control an Extron Crosspoint 300 matrix video switcher over RS-232? All I want to be able to do is switch between different presets I already have programmed into the device.

Here’s the manual for the device, pretty sure chapter 4 is what outlines how to send commands.

Ideally what I’d want this to look like is to have it appear as the media player card in my Home Assistant UI with have each preset listed as a source. If possible I’d like to have it display a different image for each preset, just so it all looks nice.

I’m pretty new to Home Assistant, so I’m always grateful for any help the community can offer.

This is something that could possibly get you started. You’d probably need a usb to rs232 cable to hook up your device to a Raspberry Pi or whatever hardware you’re using.

There are lan capable MQTT to RS232 units available online and then you can just make MQTT switches in Home Assistant. This was the most stable solution I tried (By far) MQTT has worked with out any problems with everything ive tried it with and also let me place the RS232 unit away from my server running Home Assistant