Need help wiring Shelly-1PM mini with 2 way switch

Hi all, I’ve got these two miniature lights in my room that are on a 2 way switch. One of the light switches is by the bedside and also includes a rotary dimmer. The second switch is on the wall by the door.
Both of the 2 way switches are just standard toggle switches, dimming can only be done at the bedside switch but otherwise both switches are just either turning the light fixture on/off.
I’m not worried about having dimming function via Shelly, I just want to be able to switch it on/off and maintain function of the original 2 switches.
If it helps, I live in NZ and I’m working with 240V AC. There’s neutral wires in both switch boxes.
I’ve been able to wire up the main downlights which are also on a 2 way switch with a shelly 1PM mini, but now I’m stuck figuring this out as it seems to be wired differently. Right now I’m also really confused how the blue wire has voltage since it doesn’t appear to be connected to either of these light switches. See photos.


After staring at the wiring of the photos and reading something from a user on some random reddit thread mentioning about the load and line often being in different switch boxes, I realised I could just use the live wire from the switch above.

My solution was to use the Live from the top switch in the bedside switch 1 (wired in to the middle ‘C’ position) as this is a constant 240V. This Live went into the Shelly’s ‘L’ position. This was ultimately my problem since I was forgetting I needed a constant 240V for the Shelly to work, and forgot that it doesn’t have to be directly wired to the same switch (just on the same circuit/breaker).

From there, I took the ‘C’ wire from the 2 way switch (coloured purple in my first photo), and put that into the Shelly’s output ‘O’ position. Lastly that left the ‘C’ part of the switch empty, so I put a wire between ‘C’ and Shelly’s ‘SW’ position.

I set the Shelly to Edge mode, so any time one of the physical switches is turned on or off, it will change the state of the lights. Since the Shelly is still receiving constant 240V this will still allow me to switch the light on/off remotely, regardless of the position of the previous two switches.