Need help with a "crazy" switch

I am installing a new ZigBee switch that has no lights connected, basically, just a load wire and a neutral wire to enable the zigbee function. (it replaces an old “real” switch but I want to just use this wall location to control scenes).

It is one of those ZigBee Tuya Switches with two buttons. When I connect the switch to power, I can easily pair it with my HA installation (using Conbee II), but then it starts turning off randomly. I tried two different switches from two different companies, and both act the same. Any idea what I should be looking into?


A link to the product, and a description of what wire you connected to what terminal may help us help you.

Otherwise we will just say you got it wrong somewhere :slight_smile:

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Hi, you mentioned the switch is connected with a ‘load’ wire, assume that’s a typo or it wouldnt work at all :slight_smile: .

Do the zigbee control logs indicate anything when the switch is resetting?

It sounds like power is being cut intermittently to the switch? Any chance the line feed is also being switched from somewhere else (like a 3 way switch configuration)?

I’d double check the connections in the box if there are any, and keep moving upstream, box by box to check all hot and neutral connections are tight, all the way to the service panel.

Just to be sure you are chasing a real power issue, you could feed one of your switches with a power cord plugged in somewhere (on a different circuit) and ensure it is not turning off/ resetting.