Need help with a yolink integration

I have a bunch of yolink door sensors and H/T sensors and a thermostat and i cant find a way to integrate it into HA. Its the last thing I need to connect.


Ever get any reply on this? I was looking at using this for my basement in an apartment building but want it to report back to HA. Looks like it does IFTTT so worst case I guess you can use the cloud to link it back.

No havent gotten anything back on this yet. They all link to alexa and iftt so thats what I’m using but I still haven’t found a way to link it back to HA. Found an article that yolink is going to make an API the beginning of this year but I cant seem to find it now, and I dont know if thats true. Was hoping someone here would have an idea.

Yeah they list the API documentation on the web site but no info about becoming a developer. I sent them a message asking the interest/process to get developer access. Not anything I would be able to integrate but if we can get the info maybe we can find someone else who like the idea and has the needed skills to build a local or cloud integration for it.


Let me know if you get a response please, happy new year.

Well it looks like they are open to it now we just need someone willing to write the integration. If anyone is reading this I would be happy to sent them a Hub and a motion sensor if they are willing to write the integration.


See note below:
Dear Greg,

Thank you for contacting us.

YoLink adopts LoRa which has a super long wireless range and combines LoRaWAN and YoSmart LoRa protocol to build the independent and long-range smart home/building solution - YoLink.

We are open to working with other companies to integrate our YoLink Technology into their system.

If you are willing to integrate YoLink with your system, the only thing you need is a YoLink Hub.

And we will provide an API connection.

Could you please kindly fill the attached Application Form for API Connection authorization?

Let me know if you have any questions or need anything else!

Happy new year to you and your family!

Emily | Customer Service


Hello there,
I am not a fulltime developer but I have some experience with python, can you please forward me the email they sent you with the Application Form for API Connection authorization?
My email is [email protected]
While I wait for your response, I will buy a set for testing purposes.
Just as FYI, there is also this thread about it, YoLink integration.


Hey there, I ran across this if you have not yet…

I since got a second email from them but t looks like others have taken the ball and are running with this. Its also good to see they are interested in HA specifically! See below from Eric. I also see he has been posting in the Form at the link above…


My name is Eric, and I just took over the handling of API requests. I got the impression those that had our API were getting it and never hearing back from us. Was that the case with you? I saw I don’t even have everyone’s names, hence the form letter look, but generally speaking I wanted to reach out to you, introduce myself and offer my assistance.

I’d like to know more about your plans for the API, for several reasons, and if we can help you. I was a customer before I worked here, and I love the product. I got the API, too but have yet to do anything with it, due to being busy with fixing up and selling a home and going right into finishing and endless projects for our new home. I’m an amateur coder, with my experience being limited to Office VBA work on Excel and Outlook and a little Word integration. Stuff that most real coders laugh about, but I am proud to say I’ve worked up on my own, Googrammed sometimes, recycled old code, etc, over 30K lines of code in the last 20 years. I have a Raspberry Pi loaded with the OS and Home Assistant but that’s about it. ESP8266 running some addressable LEDs, and I almost bought an Arduino. That’s me in a nutshell.

But the thing is, I want to make sure we’re giving you all the support we can to make your projects successful. And where your project may have something that can benefit our products or the app, and where it may impact existing or new YoLink customers, I am certainly ‘leaning-in’ to that and I want to stay in touch, so we can collaborate when possible. BTW, depending on your project and platform, I am starting to try to get API folks together with other like-minded ones. For example, I know of three people working the HA angle, and I got them together so they can collaborate or at least share some pointers. Let me know what platform you are using and I can do the same for you, if you’d like. What made me think of Home Assistant is I am particularly interested in getting a new, more visual and user-friendly UI, with, my wish list item, floorplans, with devices available to our customers, either on a keypad or browser. Another BTW, we are introducing 24/7 central station monitoring the first half of this year. And 1 or 2 new products each month. It is very exciting time to be involved with, to have a YoLink system.

And, I am assuming you are enjoying the long-range ability? LoRa seems to be a buzz word lately, as getting the devices off the WiFi is a huge deal for many integrators and a lot of end-users.

One of the bigger things I do here is to talk to customers, read reviews on Amazon, help with tech support/customer service emails and find out things that customers like, things they don’t, perhaps there is something in a manual that trips people up frequently. Perhaps we receive a customer question or issue because they read our Amazon listing and assumed something differently than is the case. I could give a thousand tiny examples, but I methodically take all of that ‘data’ and I compile and sort and adapt it to changes in the manuals, the product listings, the products themselves, and of course the app. Hence by unusual title of Product Optimization.

My first task was to proofread every last manual and clean up some grammatical and other errors that were driving me nuts. It turned out that the Hub manual, for the customer’s first experience with the product, needed the most work. The internet connection part, particularly the WiFi stuff, was a source of sooo many calls and emails in. I decided to, instead of proofreading, start from scratch and make a completely new one, with max user-friendliness in mind. Something my mother could use successfully, I like to say. I’ve attached our current Hub installation manual. Although many parts of it come from a customer call or even a complaint, this is my creation; they let me run with it. It is not finished, I plan to expand the intro to the app sections, but please take a look and let me know what you think. By the way, we have professional software for this sort of thing, but this manual was made using Excel 2019! It was not easy, Excel was not designed for this, but I am comfortable with it so it worked for me! Tell me what you think of it.

This is just part of a focus and direction I bring to make our manuals the best they can be, and to do the same for our products and the app. With the introduction of central station monitoring, a combination security/automation keypad and keyfob the first half of this year, and possibly a new app later in the year, it’s an exciting time to be involved.

I look forward to hearing from you. If you’d rather call, my cell phone number is below.

Talk to you soon!

Eric | Product Optimization

YoLink, a Division of YoSmart, Inc.

17165 Von Karman Avenue #105 | Irvine, California 92614

E: [email protected] | C: 314-934-7046


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I found this link to the API that was updated 3/02/21. I’m not a coder at all, but can follow others directions for other API calls. Maybe this will help someone more talented than me.
I think this would be a great addition to HA.


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Hey has anyone received the URL and other specifics to make the calls?

Any Progress on the Yo-link? loving the product need the integration.