YoLink integration

4/10/21: Updated info! See below.

If there is anyone interested or working on YoLink integration with HA, please comment here or PM me. Our API is available, and we want to encourage and support your projects.

I was a customer before working for them, when I saw the product was special and customer support was trying very hard to take care of me with the questions I had. I’m not overly trying to plug YoLink, but we have to toot our horn over the advantages of LoRa and our devices not being on your WiFi.

Within the next 4 months or so we will release IP-based (with cellular back-up) central station monitoring with police/emergency/environmental phone notification and dispatch. We have a couple combination intrusion/automation keypads and a keyfob at pre-production stages.

My role here is primarily to get feedback from our customer service calls/emails, Amazon reviews, and power-user customers, and take that data to improve the installation documentation, our listings, our products and our app. I’ve been in the commercial fire alarm and security (access control, cameras, burg alarm) for a long time, and I have a creative leaning, so I have spent as much time working up ideas for future products, some of which are approaching Syd Mead future visionary level, if I do say so myself (lol).

My only point is, now is a great time to be involved as a customer or developer. PM me if you’d like any more info.

Please email me at [email protected] (fastest) or message me for more info.
Our API has always offered server-to-server integrations, but now, we are coming out with an SDK and developer board, GPIOs open for physical device integration. Other non-physical integrations, possibly MQTT, are on the way. This is meant for B2B customers and there may be limited support, and I might not recommend this for beginners, but if getting under the hood and rewiring and coding is your thing, please email me so I can get you connected

And, not to get all sales-pitchy but we have a growing product line (including a couple game-changing products like a fully-customizable 4-button fob that will work with Alexa, Google, IFTTT routines and applets. plus a first of its kind customizable audible device being patented). A Hub with LTE is coming out in a week or two, central station monitoring service. A couple first-run fobs, the FlexFob, is going out to reviewers next week. This gives you complete operation flexibility, to control YoLink devices and scenes, arm/disarm, and now trigger Alexa, Google, IFTTT routines/applets. We think it will be big. We’ll offer a wall-mount bracket and a visor clip. An example use would be to arm/disarm your system, control lighting, your garage door, all from your car.

Can’t forget crazy-long range from LoRa. We are coming out with a lot of outdoor/weatherproof devices that will show off those 1/4-mile range claims, with a mailbox sensor, outdoor temp & humidity sensors, outdoor relay, motion sensor, outdoor contact sensor, and the list grows with a couple I can’t tell you about!

Email me to get connected and learn more.



I am developer, I would be interested in Testing the HA Integration, I have a YoLink Hub and Water Leak Sensor Functional, If something is available I can test on my end.

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This is great! I am a customer and have several Yolink sensors. I am migrating from Smarthings to HA and was frustrated because of the lack of the Yolink LoRA integration availability when even my UPB devices could be. Thank you for working on this! I think they have a very unique system that will be very popular for many applications.


I don’t think I got an email from you about this. if you still want the API, please email me
[email protected]


Hi Eric,

Will this be purely cloud-control or will there be an option for local control as well?

I’ve been looking at Yolink products, but I’ve recently moved about 90% of my devices off of the cloud and I have no desire to add yet-another hub that then requires cloud connectivity to function.

If the hub doesn’t and won’t have local control capabilities, do you expect that Yolink products would work with a more generic LoRA interface?



It’s sounding like this is not a local API. I’d still be interested though, since the long range tech would be great for outside devices. Can’t seem to find anything about developer access anywhere on the website.

Isn’t Yolink based on LoRa? Or do you use LoRaWAN?

Should not really matter to us right? LoRa is the physical layer of the transport, and LoRaWAN is the protocol layer. Kind like TCPIP over 2.4Ghx or 5Ghz WiFi. The whole thing should be abstracted from the user if a Gateway and an API is in play. Or maybe I’m missing something… If so I’d like to understand more as well YoLink particular implementation of this new network. What makes the LoRa network unique are the license-free lower frequencies (different by country) that enable further reach for less power usage at the expense of bandwidth capacity (which is not needed for most sensor and control applications)

I totally agree that the API/Gateway should allow for local interfacing with HA, but you will need the YoLink hub to bridge the new physical network regardless. Like you do for Zwave or Zigbee or even WiFi devices.
Past that the API should allow for local HA processing first, and Cloud if opted by the user. This hybrid best performing architecture will appeal to the vast majority of advanced users and integrators. As well as any security/privacy minded folks.

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a proprietary LoRa

I just sent you a message. Let’s continue the conversation via email. I can set you up with our API, and our SDK is coming out in a couple weeks, and set you up with our developer/integration discussion on Discord.

we are releasing an SDK in a couple weeks. Our API has been out for the better part of a year. I know enough to almost be dangerous (VBA is more my thing) but you do query the server, not the device. We do have a device-to-device protocol, whereby one or more devices can be paired to one or more output devices. The SDK might open access to that communication, I do not know.


we are releasing our first SDK in a couple weeks. Stay tuned for details, or message me to get on the inside track via email and our Discord discussions for developers and integrators.


I do not think I heard back from you. Please email me at [email protected]

I am learning more about our SDK, which includes a developer board, with the GPIOs accessible for physical integration. I am awaiting more info, such as if you can use MQTT, for non-physical integration.

Today, I am sending out a sort of e-newsletter to all of our developers and customers using our API.

The SDK may be the answer for you, but we have always had YoLink “Control” - it is not uniquely-named, but it gives you the unique ability to pair one device with up to 128(!) other devices. The paired device(s) will follow the state of the device, and this works without internet and without power (for all devices that do not rely on power, which is the vast majority of them)


Product gallery. already out of date, but click on the link below each device, to be taken to that device’s product page.

15% discount off our already sub-Amazon Prime pricing, for those that Like our Facebook page



I have a YoLink Hub with water sensors and would like to integrate them into HA

Looking forward to the progress on HA integration! Thanks,


What spreading factor does yolink use? Can we change it? Would like to see a LAN api like lutron’s or ikea’s.

Any progress here?? Really would like to see YoLink integration.