Need help with Android Notifications Tap Action

Pretty sure this is possible but I don’t know how to format it. Any help is appreciated.

If you have one, you know the reolink app doesn’t give you screenshots with alerts. That part is easy enough. However when I tap the home assistant alert, I want it to launch the reolink app. I’m able to do this on by taping camera cards on my dashboards, but want to bring that to my notifications.

Currently using a blueprint.

alias: Send a camera snapshot to Lee's Phone when motion is detected
description: ""
  path: vorion/send-camera-snapshot-notification-on-motion.yaml
    motion_sensor: binary_sensor.doorbell_motion
    camera: camera.doorbell_snapshots_main
    notify_device: 7a5cd78b94e0d952c2883b3e716f02fd
   delay: 2

And the action in my automation that I use in my dashboard.

alias: Open Reolink
description: ""
trigger: []
condition: []
  - service: notify.mobile_app_chromebox_reference
      message: command_launch_app
        package_name: com.mcu.reolink
mode: single

If search brought you here, I got if figured out with the help of this blueprint.

Use path app://com.mcu.reolink to open the reolink app from the notification.