Need Help with AV Receiver Automation

I have a Yamaha RX673 receiver that I have added to HA. I added the receiver as a media player. From the lovelace dashboard I can control the receiver’s volume, source, and sound mode. I am looking to add an automation in Node Red that allows me to select a source via an Alexa command but I am not having any luck figuring out how to do that. In fact, I can’t seem to figure out how to control the receiver at all using node red. I am not a programmer so I don’t know how to write scripts or anything. Web search is coming up empty. Can anyone help out with the correct way to do this?

If you can control the receiver from within HA you can simply use the same service calls in NodeRed.

So I’d recommend to tackle this in steps:

  1. Get Familiar with the underlying HA Service calls.–> Go to Developer Tools and Services

    Try to controll your receiver with these calls.

Once you mastered this, its time to translate these into NodeRed commands.
How you do this, is basically very straight forward.

  1. You are going to use the “Call Service” node in NodeRed.
    It works in the same way as the HA Service calls (as its just sending them from within NodeRed). However, instead of YAML you are going to use JSON structure.
    One example below:

If your receiver supports ynca (I think it does), then you can use this
node red yamaha palette

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