Need help with Camera Integration

Hello together,
I am looking for a way to integrate into Home Assistant several surveillance cameras (outdoor and indoor) without using an unknown cloud.
I intend to control the cameras completely via Home Assistant and - when a motion is detected - transfer the stream to my own cloud. For this I have my own webspace.
Has anyone a suggestion, which cameras are suitable for this purpose? Where can I find the relevant installing instructions that are also understandable for newcomers like me?
(I currently have an LSC Smart Connect camera, but it only works with Tuya and for me an unknown cloud. If necessary I would use other cameras for security reasons, of course).
I would be very happy to get any helpful tips.

Many thanks in advance.

Hello, is it true that there is no solution to my problem? Or have I ended up in the wrong group? If so, can someone tell me which group is the right one?

Best regards

What kind of camera is this? Is this ip camera or wifi? if it is ip, connected with a lan cable to poe switch, than there will no or less problems.
If you have a wifi camera then this will probably be problematic a lot.
Most people here are using frigate for camera control.
But first off all you will have to integrate somehow your camera to home assistant.

The main thing is that I don’t want to use a cloud where I don’t know what happens to the data. So I want to be independent of a pre-fixed cloud (for example in China or the USA). However, I still want to use a cloud, but one on a webspace of my own choice.
Which camera I will finally use, that depends on just these specifications.
However, I have no idea how I can make cameras independent of a given cloud.
At first I will follow your suggestions concerning frigate.
Best regards

You don’t need a cloud for cameras. But that might depend on the camera.
If you have ip poe camera then definitely you don’t need a cloud. You can use frigate as it is NVR and store all your recordings locally on your computer. No cloud or internet access is needed for cameras to work.
For wifi cameras I don’t know. You can use frigate for them if you can integrate them in home assistant. But integration might depend on camera and perhaps some cameras will not work without a cloud connection.

I’m afraid I didn’t formulate it exactly.
I want to send the stream into the cloud (my own cloud) for the following reason:
If I record the movements of a burglar or thief and then he takes the camera and the storage medium and also my router, then all the evidence is gone. Therefore: a cloud yes, an insecure cloud no!

But it seems that my requirements can’t be met with the available cameras and Home Assistant.
Thank you for your help.