Need help with configuration

Hi everyone,

After spending +60 hours on this to get it working im getting a very hard time to get things going as i wish, im just stuck with a few components. Trying to learn from other projects and to intergrate thins but i believe i have done things very wrong, aldo its kinda working.

Is there anyone willing to look at my config and tell me what to do over a teamviewer session? Im willing to pay for it, i think things need go right with the main way how i have set it up. I also dont wanne spam the forum with all of my questions.

why not post what you have done and where its not working don’t forget to format you code as of the top of page

This is what i have so far…

Q: Is it possible to put those steamfriend namens on the same line? like
- sensor.steam_765611980830290 #name to make yaml file shorter?

Q: Same as first question but then for sensors.yaml,

Q: Do i really need this whole list of users in group4_gaming.yaml or can i group the sensors somehow in my sensors page and on the group4 page a single that includes them all?

Q: When i clikc on the (weather) iframe it first opens a popup, when i click away that popup, and click again on the map, its all fine.

Q: The second media widget dissapears when its off. Can i make this permanent?
its in group1_home.yaml
- media_player.iiidefconiiihuiskamer

Thats what i have so far

1 - yes
2 - yes
3 - you can group them as badges in custom_ui but that’s about it, lovelace_ui may have better options but I’ve not explored it yet so somebody else will have to give you pointers
4 - what’s it supposed to do?

First of all thanks for taking time on this, do you have any other recommendations in my file structure?

i have tried this but it doesnt uncomment
3 ok need to wait for an anwer on this one
4 its an iframe allement, it shouldnt popup, you can check on what i can do with it.

i edit the OP for my last problem

Define “doesn’t uncomment”?

it doenst go green as #does so it will be read by script, thats what i always tought

I suspect that’s just how it renders in whatever editor you’re using. The syntax is fine :+1:

ok will do that then, thanks, im using notepad++ with language set on YAML