Need help with device tracker warning message

I am getting the following message in the error log every minute or so:

WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.device_tracker.owntracks] Ignoring GPS in region exit because accuracyis zero: {"_type":“transition”,“tid”:“JN”,“acc”:0.0,“desc”:"-Home",“event”:“leave”,“lat”:redacted,“lon”:redacted,“tst”:1501922193,“wtst”:1497003903,“t”:“b”}

Checked owntracks as well as HA and cannot find anything that sticks out regarding the message. Any ideas what i might check or be doing wrong?


Not sure where I need to adjust this accuracy it is seeing as zero whether it is in HA or owntracks. Neither have settings set to zero in their config. Owntracks is running on android, i know it’s interface is a bit different from IOS. Could this perhaps be something specific to IOS that can be ignored under android? If so, is there a way to mute this message from being generated every minute?

I do have a few issues with presence detection I use both owntracks and ibeacons and about once a week I need to restart HA to get them to work again, not sure if this is related or not. Owntracks alone was a little slow triggering automations so I opted to try the ibeacon route which has improved detection, but ever since doing so I have gotten this message in the error log.