Need help with exposing HASS with nginx proxy manager

I just setup but it says error 502 bad gateway, the nginx proxy manager works with other services of my network except hass.

I tried with the hostname and also with the IP both gives the same error
I setup to allow proxies
use_x_forwarded_for: true
The host is running nginx proxy manager with docker compose

Try changing the hostname in NPM from homeassistant:8123 to the HA-IP:8123. Sounds like NPM can’t resolve the host.

Also, make sure the trusted proxies includes the network of your container running NPM. That is if it’s not in the network.

How can I if my container is in the network 1921.68.0.0/24?
I put the container network in bridge mode:
network_mode: bridge
How can I check the container IP?
I already tried setting NPM to the ha ip and it has the same error

Make sure you forward both http(s) traffic and websockets in Nginx

I have websocket enabled but I don’t know what do you mean with forward both http(s) traffic

First block under scheme says http, so that is ok
Websockets is enabled, that is ok too

So I have no clue why nginx does not want to connect