Need help with garage_door with icon_template

Hello, i´m quite new in home assistant, coming from ioBroker.
I try to automate my Garage doors with template cover garage_door. I got it to work, but I still have a question. In ioBroker visualisation I took some icons for door → open, closed and opening/closing.
The icon_template in Home Assistant takes the icons from Material Design.
Is there any possibility that I can use my own icons instead of the mdi icons? Im the moment its looking like this:

icon_template: >
          {% if states('binary_sensor.126_d1_eh_einzelgarage_sensor_oben') == "on" %}
          {% elif states('binary_sensor.126_d1_eh_einzelgarage_sensor_unten') == "on" %}
          {% else %}
          {% endif %}

Thanks for your help.

does entity_picture give you what you want? see here for more details:

I have never tried but i think you can. This might help.

This will allow you to use just about any custom icon.

Thank you for your help,

I want to replace the mdi:garage-alert icon in the icon_template above with my own icon if possible.

I tried out entity_picture like this:

`{% else %}
    entity_picture: /local/garage-50.png 
 {% endif %}`

but it didn´t work.

I tried out the fontawesome integration as written:

created a folder, uploaded my icon garage_50.svg and used it like this:

`{% else %}
 {% endif %}`

Maybe only my syntax is wrong, i dont´get it to work.


Because of a wrong syntax.
Check docs.
Should be like

picture: >-
  {% if ... -%}
  {%- else -%}
  {%- endif %}