Need help with Gree AC and Node-Red

Good day to all,

This is my first foray into Node-Red, but unfortunately I did not get any help on their forum, so I turn to you guys since I’ve gotten great help here in the past.

I am currently running Home Assistant as a docker container on a RPI4b to control a lot of stuff in my home including my Gree AC. One thing that Home Assistant cannot do is control the swing mode’s fixed positions. Node-Red is also running as a docker.

I have downloaded Node-Red and “node-red-contrig-gree-hvac” (link here) and the dashboard dependency. Currently the example flow works as is, meaning the dashboard works and I can see the state of everything change if I issue a command from Home Assistant. I can also change modes from the dashboard, so everything works.

So now that I’ve got this part down, I think I need my hand held for the rest. I am no programmer but I am familiar with more “traditional” programming languages. I am completely at a loss as to how to issue commands to the AC according to states in node red. Guides I have found so far gloss over a lot of stuff and leave me more confused.

What I’d like to achieve is to have the vertical swing mode change automatically depending on AC mode.

For example:
If AC Mode = heat then vertical swing = Fixed Bottom

If AC Mode = cool then vertical swing = Fixed Top.

Any help appreciated, screenshots more than welcome.

I use a preset for this, but through the esphome custom component. here