Need help with HUSBZB-1 USB Hub

I am in the process of moving from hubitat to HA and everything is doing pretty ok except I bought a HUSBZB-1 USB Hub which shows is supported on HA website and purchased because I need zigbee as well.
I have 5 screen shots in order 1 2 3 the 4 and 5 not so much.

Edit… I can only post 1 picture

The word is ‘coordinator’ usb hub is a different thing.

A lot of us read this on mobile devices. Please post formatted text, not screenshots of logs. (its so small I can barely make out what it says…)

From what I CAN see it’s not initializing the controller (ZwJS for: I can’t see your device)

Either the device isn’t where you told zwavejs it was (do you have the correct path in the device configuration) or the device isn’t answering correctly.

Some hints because without more info we’re guessing (need what kind of machine you’re running on, what install type, are you using ZWaveJS or JsUI for ZWave ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT for Zigbee)

These sticks are incredibly susceptible to RF interference - SPECIFICALLY the kind of interference you get from a USB3 bus. Don’t plug the stick into a USB3 port, and use a small extension cord or even a powered USB hub to avoid the issue. Yes it can cause issues communicating with the stick, or issues adding devices.

Ensure you have the right addresses configured for both ZWave and Zigbee. This stick shows up as two different devices to Home Assistant. Use the ‘by-id’ address to configure it (search the forum if you need help) and make sure you get the right identity plugged into the right software (zwavejs needs the ZWave side whole zigbee needs the zigbee side.)

I am running a VM on synology… USB Passthrough enabled

I have searched for “by-Id” and unable to see how to use it
Everything I read says settings / system / hardware but I don’t have that setting option do to the OVA on synology.

I did a LS usb and got back 3 or 4 busses

Problem solved / for anyone that has this issue.
DSM 7 doesn’t support USB drivers but there is a workaround online

All good now