Need help with local device to connect to hassio server on remote vps

I have one device on my home,but my homeassistant locate on remote vps server,how to config yaml file to connect device to server??


This won’t work without lots of port forwarding or standing up a VPN.

Why are you running home assistant on a VPS?

I want to access homeassistant from WAN,so I created homeassistant on remote VPS.

Is there anyway to do this? Just like blynk to specify a server ip address?

OK? What’s wrong with accessing it from WAN when hosting it on your own machine at home?

I already told you 2 ways to do it.

  1. Forward ports for the individual items you want to control (this is a bad idea)
  2. Stand up a VPN and use it. This will require a VPN service running on your VPS and an always on machine at home connected to the VPN.

I have no idea what this means, but you are going about this whole Home Assistant thing in the wrong manner.

Home assistant will not work on a VPS.

It will work, but it’s essentially worthless

This is temperature and humidity in my home, I read it by Restful command from VPS.
Blynk is an IoT application, it’s server can buile on remote server, and device can locate in anywhere, they can communicate using token code with each other.

OK. If you think this is the way to go about a HOME automation project, then by all means. You are going to find it seriously limited in it’s usefulness when it’s outside your HOME

I didn’t mean to argue for you :wink:, I was talking about solutions. because I can hardly access from the outside of the home network

I gave you a proper solution that will work better than Blynk. A VPN

OK, thanks ,I will consider migrating server to the house if there have problem can’t be resovled.

Set up an OpenVPN server in your VPS and setup your home router with openVPN client. Your VPS will be part of your home network.