Need help with motion blindes, Bond Bridge Pro and HA integration

Hello everyone. I am really close to getting this to work, but I am missing something.

I am in the USA and have a bond bridge pro set up. I can control my ceiling fan from HA. I have purchased some battery powered blinds from that are motion blinds. I am able to connect them to the Bond app on my phone and control them, but I just cannot figure out how to get them into HA. I see that there is the motion blinds integration, but I think that this only works if I have the motion blinds gateway. When I try to add the motion blinds, it looks for the motion blind gateway. If I try to add another bond, then it tries to add a bond gateway. It seems like I need a generic motorized blind that I can control with the bond gateway.

This must be possible as I can control the blind via the bond app. Any help is much appreciated.


Sorry I don’t have any help for you Steve, but I literally just made a very similar post from one step behind you. I’m debating between Bond and Broadlink for my fans and blinds, so I’m very curious to see your answers.

I also wanted to ask you about how in-depth the setup was for your bond in HA. Did your fans just import from the Bond App, or do you have to manually configure remote commands inside HA the same way you (apparently) do with Broadlink?
Any feedback?
Thanks and good luck with resolving your question!

Hi utahguyiam. I have to say that the fan is from Homedepot and I think it is a hampton bay. We had an emergency and needed to replace one so got one that would “work” I think I would look at fans that bond supports in the future. I wish I remember how I added it to bond, but I know that it is in my bond app on my phone and HA. Just cannot remember how I added it…

Well. After some time and updating the bond pro firmware, restarting home assistant, the shade is now showing up!!! I guess problem solved!