Need help with new custom component


I want to make a component (SunSpec protocol reader) which will read (a lot) modbus registers / holding registers / coils over homeassistant.components.modbus integration. Single coil/register read implemented in modbus sensors component is to slow for that.

For example, I have modbus hub:

  name: hub1
  type: tcp
  host: IP_ADDRESS
  port: 2020

Now I want to create another integration which will create couple sensors (Frequency converters, kWh Meters etc) depending of what was read from modbus on hub1.

Could somebody tell me how can I do that? Or maybe some examples?

I would like a suggestion about:
coniguration.yaml - example configuration
custom_components directory structure with files and brief information (what where)

Hi Marek, welcome to the HA community. It’s great to see someone keen to make contributions.

Perhaps you could have a look at the DevDocs for BackEnd Integrations

Alternatively if that seems a bit daunting then see the Blueprint Custom Component

I hope this helps you on your next steps. Good luck!