Need help with Phone WiFi Automation

Hi there!

I am looking to have an automation sent when a certain phone in our household connects via wifi using this sensor sensor.connection_type_2. How can I create an automation to send me a push notification when this happens?

The only triggers I see are battery, pace value, distance, floors and steps. It would be easier if “connection type” was in there but unfortunately it is not.

I am using Nmap to track if a device is connected to my LAN (via WiFi)… Nmap is creating a device tracker entity… with state “home” if connected and “not_home” if away… Sometimes router integration allows also some device tracking capabilities (this is the case for Fritz! router - there is an integration with HA)

See the documentation to implement Nmap (very simple if Nmap is installed -see note in the Nmap documentation for installation)… One constraint, your device must have a fix IP address on your LAN.