Need help with remote commands (TV)


I installed the following Sony Bravia integration:

On the config part i read:
“When the integration is configured, two entities will be created: a media_player and a remote . The remote allows you to send key commands to your TV with the remote.send_command service.”
And than some key’s i can use for commands.

But i have no idea how to set it up, if i search on ‘remote.send_command’ i get broadlink commands, but i thought the Sony integration just needed the ‘key’s’ to work as a command. Even then i have no idea how to call a command.

Does someone maybe has an example how i could use these ‘key’ commands( * Num1 * Num2 * ChannelUp) on a button card?

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I do not have such a TV, but try opening your Developer Tools in the left sidebar, then select Services in the tabs and start typing remote in the service line.

Something like

type: button
  action: call-service
  service: remote.send_command
    entity_id: remote.your_sony_tv
    command: ChannelUp

This seems to work, thanks!

This i what i made from it :slight_smile:

I can not place the code, its to much, can i uploade a file?

Can you tell me how you did that?
Do you have the file?
Thanks in advance,

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If you have used vertical and horizontal stacks I would suggest you consider changing it to a html table instead.
The rendering is much much faster.

This i do not know how to do?
i have indeed all in the stacks…

I will send the files, but as i updated to browser mod 2, nothing is working anymore. So i need to fix this first…

I would look into custom button. You could place most everything in templates and use a variable to pass in the command.

That is one I have built, 4 TVs, DirecTV and soundboard. Stereo volume on some

someone still need al the files?
Please let me know if i must post them, but i cant place them here, its to long

please, I would like a file on how to control the TV
or you can paste on

Id love to see the configuration files if you’re still able to send them. Currently creating a remote for my Sony TV and could use all the help I can get.

Sorry late response, was out of it for a while.
Need to update them because of the borders HA has now added :frowning: so will send the new files of they are ready.

PS, how can i get email notifications here? i never get any on a response


Here is the link:

HA TV Remote Card -

Wil be removed after 1 month

@Martin_Vavera @taseen.rahman7

Many thanks.

Can i ask how you got the microphone command to work? I see you have “command: none”.

i dont use it,

But there is a list of commands:

custom-components/media_player.braviatv_psk: Sony Bravia TV (Pre-Shared Key) component for Home Assistant (

There was another one with lots more commands, but i cant find it anymore…

Hi Ricks88,
I’m a newbie in home assistant configuration, can you tell me how you use your yaml file ?
Is it code you add to an existing file or is it a file called by another file ?

Thank you for any help and for the job you’ve done for this remote.

Simply add empry card (manual) to your lovelace and past the code.
You do need to have installed hacs and vertical stack

Thanks for your answer.
I’ve been working on it all day long and I can’t get it to display the remote.
I’ve installed HACS, button-card and vertical-stack-in-card but nothing helps something isn’t working, sometimes I get the code with unrecognized button-card but I often just get something that doesn’t display.
Any idea ?
This is what I get :