Need help with the newly updated Rheem econet integration

New HA user here - strong software background, but none in yaml/json/python. I chose HA in part because it claimed support for the Rheem econet water heaters, but after installing HA 2021.1.5, I found that the Rheem integration was broken by an API change at Rheem. After anxiously awaiting an update that I found was already under way (see github 44427), I have updated to HA 2021.2 and installed the new integration from the UI.

The integration created a new card in my overview page with several states, and some have been populated so I think it is talking to the water heater in the background. The documentation linked from the integration is minimal. I can see in the “developer tools” UI that the entity in question is “water_heater.heat_pump_water_heater_gen_4”.

What I really want is to gain access to (and command changes to) the state that controls the “mode” of the water heater, such as ECO or HIGH DEMAND. I can see in the python code that provisions have been made for this, so I know it should be there. But I am too green to figure out how to access it. If someone could help me create a card that displays this state and allows me to change it, I think I could use what I learn there to move on to automations on my own.

Thanks in advance for any assistance!!

Clicking on that card should bring up a details card with the ability to change modes.

Thank you so much for your reply! When I did the integration from the UI, it asked me for an “area”, so I created the Garage area. The card that came up looks like this:
After your post, I found that if I click on the bottom entity of the card, I get something similar to what you showed:
and it DOES work.

Is there a way to bring this functionality to the front surface of the UI, rather than having to punch down? I would welcome a link to learning materials on the subject. In my early attempts at creating cards, I have not found anything like a dropdown or radio buttons.

Again, thanks a million for your help… and also for creating the econet update!! I recognized your name from reading the 44427 thread.

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It would be nice to get an official card added for this, but there isn’t one currently. I do think some users over on the discord chat for this integration have put together some pretty cool cards I’d try asking there.