Need help with the scrape-sensor

Hello everybody,

I’ve been trying to get along with the HA scrape sensor (Scrape - Home Assistant) for some time.
Unfortunately, my HTML knowledge is probably not sufficient for this.

I am trying to read the current ozone value from the following website (Weatherstation) and save it in an HA sensor.

Does anyone know how to do something like that?
I completely lack the knowledge.

best wishes

You can get a JSON with (apparently) the whole information at

You can use a RESTfull sensor to extract the information you want

thanks a lot.
Then I will try to get along with the RESTful sensor. I didn’t know, that the page has an JSON.
Perhaps i can handle this :slight_smile:

It looks like I’m too stupid for that too.
I created the following sensor:

  • platform: rest
    scan_interval: 3600
    name: “Wetterstation OL-Sued”
    json_attributes_path: “$…messwerte[?(@.kennung==BLWW)].O3”
    • verlauf
      value_template: “{{ value_json.last_update }}”

Unfortunately it has no content.

I looked at the DWD’s residual sensor as a template …

Can someone help me there?

Kind regards, Carsten