Need help with UART

I’m trying to make uart communication between esp8266 and an atmega328 (arduino), I’ve tried several examples but I can’t make esp send or receive, for everything else I’ve used it works, except for the UART (I couldn’t get the I2C either ), I’m new to this , but I’ve been trying for a while.

I even tried the chatgpt solution, but it didn’t work either

Please help

You’ll probably need to use a 3.3v-5v level shifter, to allow the Tx/Rx/Gnd of the ESP8266 (3.3v) to be wired to the Rx/Tx/Gnd of the Arduino MEGA (5v).

Something like this would work.

the problem I’m having has nothing to do with the difference in voltage, I’ve already corrected that, but with actually leaving or entering some communication.
including to be able to visualize, I put led in the RX and TX, it doesn’t blink when the esp8266 sends, and it blinks when it receives, but he doesn’t understand.

I found the problem, on the arduino that I was using the RX and Tx were inverted, sorry I didn’t notice, sending it through Rx RX-RX TX-TX

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