Need Help with Web Scraping and Removing the °C Symbol

I’m trying to extract a value from a webpage that contains weather information. I can scrape the value, but I’m having trouble removing the °C symbol. I’ve tried several methods, but the °C symbol remains. Here’s the code I have so far:

- resource:
  scan_interval: 3600
    - unique_id: Temp_buiten
      name: Outside Temperature
      select: 'tr > td:nth-child(3)'
      value_template: '{{ value.split("°C")[0] }}'

I’d appreciate any help in figuring out how to remove the °C symbol from the extracted value.

It seems like there might be some sort of character encoding issue that is causing the ° symbol to not be interpreted correctly. In any case, you could split on the space instead to get what you want:

value_template: '{{ value.split(" ")[0] }}'

Thank you for your response and solution! I truly spent a day trying to resolve this, and in the end, it’s so “simple.”