Need help with Zigbee door/window sensors

Hi guys,
I have recently installed 8 - 10 Tuya ZigBee sensors and the issue I am facing is that they don’t function properly. They keep on showing “Open” even when the door/window is actually closed.

I was using Wifi sensors before this and the reason I migrated to ZigBee version was because the wifi connection keeps on dropping, although there wasn’t any issue with the state detection, but now with the Zigbee version I am not sure about the reliability of the sensor state.

Can anybody advise what can be the issue? Is it the hardware or the brand? or anything else. Has anyone also faced something similar?

I am using Home Assistant installed on a Windows Intel NUC in a VM.

Thanks in advance for your help!

First Question are these sensors your ONLY Zigbee devices? If not describe what other devices oyu have - SPECIFICALLY line powered Zigbee devices,

On first glance this SOUNDS like a signal issue… Zigbee is a mesh network, almost all hardwired line powered devices repeat for the network and your range / signal will directly depend on the number and placement of repeaters in relation to other signals in your home.

Hi Nathan,
I am having Aqara motion sensors, a couple of Tuya motion sensors and Aqara Leak Sensor. Not sure about what do you mean by line powered Zigbee devices but I assume you are talking about devices that are powered via an outlet. I think I don’t have any other than the Conbee coordinator hooked into the HA pc.

I hope that answers your questions.

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It does. Zigbee networks are mesh networks and LINE POWERED (Yes, powered by a hardwired power connection, like a pocket socket) devices repeat signals for one another.

It’s also a VERY LOW POWER network and susceptible to all kinds of interference. The spec SAYS you should get about 100 meters / 300 ft. But in reality walls and people and concrete and dogs and Wifi and Bluetooth all exist so that range is DRASTICALLY cut. I use 25’ (~8m) as my planning distance between the coordinator and the node, and each subsequent hop. (That’s in good signal conditions too)

Yes you can see y zigbee mesh radiate from space. :slight_smile:

SOOOO. if you have distances longer than that and have no line powered devices?

Your solution is repeaters. Also I don’t like dedicated repeaters unless I have no choice… If you’re going to spend the money anyway - get a socket or a switch and at least make it useful for more than repeating a signal.

Edit - also make sure that conbee is NOT plugged directly into the USB port, not plugged into a USB3 port (orange or blue) and uses at LEAST a .5m usb extension cable.


Hi, welcome to the forum!

Here is a link from the forum with a lot of information on zigbee: Guide for Zigbee interference avoidance and network range/coverage optimization


What in case I don’t have a USB 2.0 port? I am using ThinkCentre Tiny PC and it doesn’t have a USB 3 port although I am using an extension.

How can I take care of it in my case?

Please advise. Thanks!

How did you installed sensors? Inside frame or ouside frame?
Take one sensor in your hand and manually put two blocks together and see will that close.
There is and arrow or pointer how two blocks should lock for sensor to report closed.