Need info Aqara Roller Shade Shutter Driver E1

My ap9logies if this has been covered but I couldnt find it with a search.

Despite there being a nominal ZHA quirk for these devices my versions connected via ZHA and CONBEE II with date codes 05-18-2021 and 11-24-2021 do not get recognised. Hence I dont have battery status available.
I need endpoint (assumed 0x0001), cluster number and attribute numbers to query using ZHA_toolbox.read_attr for battery voltage and battery percentage for Aqara Roller Shade Driver E1 (lumi.curtain.acn002). Ideally full map of all accessible Zigbee Cluster infomation for device would be good but realise this may not be readily available
can anyone help with this information or a ZHA quirk which will recognise the following signature
“node_descriptor”: “NodeDescriptor(logical_type=<LogicalType.EndDevice: 2>, complex_descriptor_available=0, user_descriptor_available=0, reserved=0, aps_flags=0, frequency_band=<FrequencyBand.Freq2400MHz: 8>, mac_capability_flags=<MACCapabilityFlags.AllocateAddress: 128>, manufacturer_code=4447, maximum_buffer_size=127, maximum_incoming_transfer_size=100, server_mask=11264, maximum_outgoing_transfer_size=100, descriptor_capability_field=<DescriptorCapability.NONE: 0>, *allocate_address=True, *is_alternate_pan_coordinator=False, *is_coordinator=False, *is_end_device=True, *is_full_function_device=False, *is_mains_powered=False, *is_receiver_on_when_idle=False, *is_router=False, *is_security_capable=False)”,
“endpoints”: {
“1”: {
“profile_id”: 260,
“device_type”: “0x0100”,
“in_clusters”: [
“out_clusters”: [
“242”: {
“profile_id”: 41440,
“device_type”: “0x0061”,
“in_clusters”: [],
“out_clusters”: [
“manufacturer”: “LUMI”,
“model”: “lumi.curtain.acn002”,
“class”: “zigpy.device.Device”

Update firmware on your ConBee Zigbee Coordinator adapter then try re-paring before troubleshooting.

If still an issue then report to → (if no existing report)