Need recommendations for group control of a area

Have a den/office area where one wall switch controls dropped lights. A second wall switch controls a fan-light. A plug-in module controls a table light. And there is a keypadlinc plugged into the wall. Can you recommend a blueprint or other that ties everything together as a single group? That is regardless of which switch is turned on everything comes on and vice versa? All of the devices are Insteon.

I suggest creating a simple automation with a State Trigger, monitoring all four entities, that turns on/off all four entities whenever any one of them is turned on/off.

The implementation details depend on how each device is represented in Home Assistant. I assume they’re either switch or light entities but how is the keypadlinc modeled in Home Assistant?

Post the entity_id of each device.

Well after some messing around I finally realized that one of the Insteon switches in the group was not communicating correctly. It was my fault as this was one of the switches I tried to erase former links by getting in the all-link-database and most likely I erased something the PLM needed to see. I quickly changed out the switch and everything started working as expected.

@Hi-Proof if you messed with the ALDB and “broke” the device you likely could get the device working correctly by simply re-linking it to the modem.

Sounds like a plan, I’ll give it a try. Thanks