Need some codes for Mitsubishi WF-RAC integration

I installed Mitsubishi WF-RAC integration for my SRK50ZS-W airco from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI). The integration works fine, I can control the airco using the standard thermometer card.

But, I found a problem with this airco unit from MHI. It does not stop when it reached the target temperatur. Here is an example:


I set the target temperature to 22C, and run the cooling mode. It reached 20.5C, and the unit was kept running. I was expecting it to stop, but probably this is how MHI airco works?

So, I want to solve this by using Home Assistant, thinking functionality like this:

  • Set target temperature to X
  • Start cooling mode
  • When the room temperature reached to X, stop the airco unit
  • Wait until the room temperature reached to X+1C, start the airco unit, otherwise keep waiting until the code is stopped.

Anyone has this kind of code? Or, something like this? Or, teach me / give some pointers to write the code.