Need some expert clarification on Zwave devices

Hi All, my first post on here new to HA.

So I have ordered the Aeotec Zwave 7 stick waiting for it to arrive. However what I wanted to do was to get Zwave light switches and add them into home assistant, but I also want to control them via Voice Alexa.

Does this mean I need to actually get the smart things hub and add all zwave devices into that and connect that to Home assistant for my entities to appear there and also be able to connect to Alexa?

Or do I still need the Zwave Stick as well? Apologies just confused with this so hoping someone can help clarify. Thank you

I think there are at least two choices here:

  1. Connect the z-wave devices to a Smarthings hub then connect the Smartthings hub to HA using the Smarthings integration. Advantages: Alexa voice control will be provided as part of the Smartthings platform (I believe). Disadvantages: communication between HA and Smarthings is via the cloud and there is the cost of the Smartthings hub.

  2. Connect the z-wave devices to HA via the Aeotec stick. Advantages: full local control and no Smarthings hub to buy. Disadvantages: unless you want to spend a while connecting HA to Alexa for free there will be the cost of a Nabu Casa subscription.

Hi thank you so much for replying

So actually I’m already paying for Ha subscription so I guess I’m all set then.

I’ll wait for the stick to arrive setup my devices. Then your saying use nabu casa to connect to Alexa?

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Yes, that’s right. You’ll need to add the Home Assistant skill to Alexa. You’ll also need to configure HA: Settings - Home Assistant Cloud - Alexa.

You can decide which entities in HA are exposed to Alexa.


Amazing thank you. Looking forward to setting up Zwave network.