Need some help to find a screen for ESPHome

Hi everyone,

I’ve been searching for the right hardware for my project but after many days, I could really use some help.

I’m looking for a small display, preferably 5" but 7" would work too, for use with ESPHome and an ESP32-S3. My budget is around 50 euros. The display needs to be compatible with ESPHome and LVGL, and I also need access to the GPIOs because I plan to connect some sensors and other hardware.

From what I understand, ESPHome supports ILI9XXX displays, but most of the screens I’ve found don’t mention compatibility. I’ve also read about using openHASP, but I’d prefer to stick with ESPHome for convenience.

I’ve come across some screens with ESP32-S3 embedded, and some have extension boards or accessible GPIOs. However, many embedded screens seem to lack GPIO connections, and I’m unsure if they are compatible with ESPHome.

Can anyone recommend a screen that fits these requirements?

Thanks for your help!