Need some HELP, trying to trigger an Automation with a "Hefty" Dash button

OK, so I’m trying to trigger an Automation, using an Amazon “Hefty” Dash Button, and DasshIO. When I test it in the Developer’s Tool, It works, with No error in the “home-assistant.log”

But, when I configure DasshIO, to trigger the Automation. When I push the “Hefty” Dash Button, all I get is the following warning;

“WARNING (MainThread) [homeassistant.core] Unable to find service automation/automation.trigger”

This is what I have in the DasshIO configuration:

  "timeout": 10,
  "buttons": [
      "name": "Hefty",
      "address": "78:E1:03:54:51:CF",
      "domain": "automation",
      "service": "automation.trigger",
      "service_data": "{\"entity_id\": \"automation.mc_shed_door\"}"
      "name": "Dixie",
      "address": "78:E1:03:56:51:86",
      "domain": "switch",
      "service": "toggle",
      "service_data": "{\"entity_id\": \"switch.sonoff_switch_t9\"}"

Now I know DasshIO Add-On is working, because the “Dixie” button is working, without any errors.

OH, the Automation that I am trying to trigger, is Dr.Zz’s Garage Automation for the Basic SV…

I have no idea what DasshIO is, but for automation.trigger, domain is automation, and service is trigger.


@pnbruckner Thanks, My Automation now works with the DASH Button, learned some thing new, today. It was the way the Hassio Developer Tool, displays the command that throw me.