Need some help with hardware configuration

Hello guys, I want to make my home a little smarter but with so many options I don’t know where to start. My house has 2 floors, on first I have my asus router and my synology nas with home assistant docker. On second floor I have another asus router and on every window I have a roll shield controlled by a wall switch controller with radio wave of 433,92 MHz. I want to buy some sensors for every room to log temperature, humidity and motion. If I understand correctly I need a zwave stick in nas, sensors in every desired room, zwave repeater on second floor plugged in 230v for mesh or another zwave stick? Any recommendation for hardware needed? Zwave or zigbee, aeotec sensors or any other? Thank you for your time.

welcome bro

Well Where to start that The Hard part

for temperature/humidity i did this

work great

Had one in the hall
then I put a Smart plug in with wall heater
added the climate

for the 433 radio stuff

I have this

flash with tasmota

I would get 2 one for up and one for down

Thank you for answer. I was thinking about something when I was cooking for my kid :)) There is any wifi router (2.4, 5ghz) that has zwave technology ? I could replace my asus routers with it.

As far as I know there is no such device, you need a USB stick that talks Z-Wave like the Aeotec Z-Stick for example.
Why do you have two routers, why not just a switch connected to the first router? Do they have a separate internet connection?

I don t have wifi on second floor from the main router because of thick walls/floor and I can t use a central position for main router because my optic fiber from huawey modem is in my office, then asus ac87u is getting internet from it and manage all of other connections together with a switch and nas in the same room. I can use Aeotec Z-Stick in the nas but is harder to use another Aeotec Z-Stick upstairs because I can`t find a solution to use it with asus router so is like this:

huawei modem>ac87u router>switch>nas
>2x printer
>4x rooms ethernet cables inside wall plug > n66u router

Not sure if I get it completely do you have one Asus router on the first floor, one Asus router on the second floor and the Huawei modem on the first floor?

You could buy a Raspberry Pi, attach the Aeotec to it and then do USB-over-IP like described here

The Huawei modem on the first floor gives cable tv signal in the house and internet to first asus router. The first asus manage the the internet, dhcp, security etc and the wifi on first floor. The second asus act as a AP and gives wifi to second floor and wired internet to net wall plugs in each of upstairs room for smart tv, ip cameras.

After searching for a mesh system to replace my stupid asus routers, I came across Zyxel Multy X with bluetooth 4.1. Can this be used with Xiaomi humidity/temp sensors ?