Need suggestions for device that is triggered by current sensor

In my shop, I have several machines that can trigger a dust vacuum when they are turned on.
The machines are plugged into a power strip with current sensors for each machine.
The current sensor triggers an old X10 sensor device that then turns on the Vacuum via a X10 plug.

I have eliminated all but this one X10 device in my shop.
I want to find a device that can receive a Hi-Lo state from a current sensor and then click on a Kasa TP link smart plug

I can trigger the Tp-Link smart plug manually via Home Assistant or the Kasa app, but I want to set something up to automatically trigger the smart plug like how I do with the X10 device.

Is there anything out there that can accept a Hi-Lo state from a current sensor and then trigger a smart plug device?

Sure there is , but first i suggest you read below link , it could help you be a little more clear in describing your use-case … The above text somehow needs to be “refined” and maybe even with a diagram / drawing to be able for people to understand what you asking for / need …

In Short HA can accept a Hi-Lo state from a sensor, and trigger-automation can then “trigger” any devices, among other things

HA does not receive the Hi-Lo input, that comes from the current sensors.
My machines are in a separate dust room.

I need a device that can take the Hi-Lo from the current sensors and then send a Wi-fi signal to the TP- Link smart plug.
Maybe I did not make that clear enough?

And which protocol is this sensor using ? , also wifi, or ?
Atleast i now understand that you need something which can receive/handle the signals from your sensor (because HA apparently, for some reason can’t, maybe because it not compatible, or you don’t have an integrations for this) only you can tell
Also as i understand it , you have ditched the device which previously received/handled the signals from your unknown sensor , with an unknown protocol ? , or was the sensors you ditched ?.. X10 device, could be the controller you want HA to communicate with, or how does/did your X10 sensors ( devices ) communicate ? plugged into the X10 controller ? , like the sensors is actually 2-wired sensor-devices ) or 1-wired ?

PS: Please read the link i posted …

There is no protocol. It’s a current sensor that the power cord is looped around. The sensor then can be Hi or Low in it’s voltage when a device is turned on and flows current through it’s power cord
This is not a smart device. It’s a simple current sensor as is used in many electronics.
The X10 device I have takes that Hi or Low and sends a signal to a X10 plug

Here you go, might have been an idea that you atlest read the first important “rules” in the link i posted

Good luck

so it’s X10 controller you want to send the signals to something else than your X10 plugs ( so basically it’s only the X10 plugs you ditched ? ) , and the signal from X10 Controller, to the x10-plugs is ? 220V / 110V -wired

Then there is several options, most suitable in your case i guess ( build-in ) switches, available with either Zigbee or wifi protocol , for remote-controlling through HA

Something like this

No, I want to eliminate X10. It’s an ancient technology that transmits signals at 100kz through your AC wall wiring.
The current sensors stay put, the X10 devices go
I want to find a device that can take the Hi-Lo signal from the current senors and send a wi-fi signal to a Tp-Link smart plug.

It sounds like this is not something easily done.

Yes not if you havent even read the manual of your X10 system, and have no idea what kind of sensors you have left !, 1 wired, 2 wired etc.

Please again, you seems to know nothing, so read the first and second link i posted, and look up your manual for X10, or better of ditch those sensors also , or hope someone else in here knows more about the X10, who can explain for you what you sensors are compatible with, ie. Arduino or ESPHome

PS: Best support you get with ESPHome

Edit: However “ancient technology” many times overcome new, and replacing a wired connection, with wifi or zigbee (wireless or Zigbee network connection problems, interference etc ) Your are about to replace a solid wired network, with something that can give you Alot of new headaches

What are the current sensors ? Have you got a picture or manufacturer / model ?

When you say hi/lo, do you mean mains on and off ?

I have several CR magnetic transformers that are sensing if a machine is on.
They look like this

The Cr Magnetic sensors only provide a small signal when current is running through them.
The X10 device I have used for many years takes that small signal and sends a signal through AC wiring at 100khz to a X10 wall socket device
The X10 wall socket device then turns on the Dust collection vacuum

It’s the same principle as my Tp-Link wall plugs except they work on wi-fi signals.

You can convert the current signal to a voltage signal and connect it to an ESP running ESPHome.

The conversion can be done simply using a resistor, or a more accurate opamp circuit. For example: sensor - Is there a current-to-voltage converter circuit for professional applications? - Electrical Engineering Stack Exchange.

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Could you replace them with something like these and get the current in HA and set an automation to turn on the plug based on current consumption ?!GBP!27.20!14.14!!!240.73!125.18!%40210384b217067332139663191e832e!12000034449428652!sea!UK!4536424810!&curPageLogUid=AEnd3MIsDwgx&utparam-url=scene%3Asearch|query_from%3A

Thanks for the last two replies.
I have to leave my shop now.
I’ll look into that tomorrow when I get back to the shop

I do build, program and use Arduino devices, including ESP 32 boards
So that may be a way to go.
Thanks for the input guys

Thanks, but the Cr Magnetics current sensors I use are transformers. It’s been years since I set them up, but I believe they convert the current to a voltage already.
I’ll have to put a meter on one and see what kind of voltage they put out when a machine is on.
Most likely it a low AC voltage which can be converted to DC easily.
I’ll know more about that later.
I did manage to get a HA Green unit, but I have not had much time to mess with it.
I set up all my TP-Link devices in Kasa and they all show up in HA

You can build an ESPhome device that interfaces with a CT sensor, report values in to HA, then “do something” based on that.

Or you could get a smart plug with power monitoring that works with HA, and “do something” based on the power value.

From what you’ve described, “do something” in this instance is going to be “switch on another smart plug that has the fan plugged in to it”.

I should think there wouldn’t be much difference in cost between the two approaches but the attraction of the smart plugs is that they’re ready build.

I already have a current sensor on every machine in my shop.
Then those current sensors go to a circuit that switches on a relay
The relays open a vacuum port on the machine that is running so the dust can be sucked up.

So all that circuitry is already in place.
I installed ESP home on my green machine.
The next bit I need is a ESP32 board that can interface with HA
Once I get that, I can turn on the smart plug (Vacuum) with an event

I want to find an example someone else has done when I get time.
I have several ESP32 boards here and I use the Arduino IDE to program .