Need suggetions to find components working with Home-assistant

Hi Guys
Thanks a lot for sucah a great product. I have been following Home-Asistant since Desember and i can see a lot progress has been done to the project. Its really a very nice project. My location is Norway and luckily i could find such components here which could be used to do things happening in a smart way in my house. But still a lot i have on the list like i am looking for following components which are compatible with home-assistance

Right at the moment i am using some Nexa adapters and TElldus net live and Proove theremometers

But i am looking for components which could be used for the following.

1- Mitusbhish Air conditioner FH35 for heating and cooling puropse. Is there an device which could control the device by using Home-Assistnat
2- Floor heating cable/mat in bath which could controlled by the home-assistnat and that could show the power consumption as well
3- How to do with room heaters like Adax or any others which could make it compatible to control with home-assistnat and show us the consumption
4- Wall power outletts integreated in to wall for lamps and other ampliance. That could be switched on and off
5- Samsung tv-s that could be powered on schedule time and power off.
6- Gogo gate garage port opener control with home-assistance
7- Power outlett for dishcleaner, stove, washing machines that could show the electricity consumption
8- Motion detectors, water lekage detectors and colsers.

I would really love to get comments about the componets which are fully compliance with home-assistance.


Please check to see what is supported. If there is no particular platform available a lot of stuff can be done with generic implementations like REST, command_line, or MQTT as long the device is connected to a network.

It sounds like many of your needs would be served by a remote wall socket with power usage monitoring.

Belkin WeMo Insight switches do this and are supported by HA.