Need to all restart to add/modify sensors?


I have more and more sensor on my HA, (around 100) and as soon as I modify my sensor configuration, I have to restart my HA. The problem isn’t the restart HA time, but

  • the automations stop, because I have a delay or for in my automations, and this automations stop working.
  • Some sensors (like my sensor with MQTT or RFXTX plugin) which lose the last information (switch to unknown)
  • Other sensors (or all ? ) lose the last_updated or last_changed informations and I use it in my automations.

It’s not a real problem, but as I “work” a lot on my HA at this time, my automations not really work well. I know known if an other topic for a new feature talk about this “issue”, but I think it’s significant.

Thank you

Please search before posting. This has been requested many times. E.g. add your vote here:

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