Need to change Brightness values

I have some no name rgbw tuya type wifi bulbs. The brightness is not reported properly this was confirmed by the developer of a different program when logged into my account and pulling the json data the brightness value is not 0-255 but 0-1000, how or where would I find the value to change it to read properly. Right now if I turn on the lights it may read 300% or some random %. It will correct itself if I click on it to reflect the proper percentage but once it repolls the tuya cloud it resets the values. He was able to fix it in his program to make them behave properly. all he had to do was change the value to 1000 instead of 255. So if any one can help me locate where these are stored I would greatly appreciate it.


What integration are you using to connect your lights?

It is the tuya integration

I click the link and can go to git hub and get this file but where do I add it back into my current build?

The alternative method seems to be the easiest way:

So clone the repo I linked to above. Download it to config/custom_components, edit it there, and restart.

Will do. Is this an updated from what is currently installed? I am looking at this file and I don’t see where the brightness has a value that is listed as an integer (0-255) that can be edited to match my current brightness value (0-1000). SInce I know nothing about python if i have to code this I maybe in trouble. i was hoping to see a min max value that I could adjust to correct my lights. But if this is a replacement file with no editing I will get in and replace it.

Thanks again for taking time to help

I don’t know either. Someone else might.

OK, Well thanks for what you did do it looks like I will be busy later figuring out the ssh part for awhile and then I can worry about the problem later. This program really is to learn one thing and then learn three other things to do the one thing to begin with. I am just happy to get the colors back in my lights and able to use HA.

You don’t need SSH if you use the custom_components method.

Oh I see, Thanks