Need to change P1/DSMR device and how to deal with entities

Hello team,
I need to replace the existing P1/DSMR device that was many years soldered together as DIY project based on some ESPhome code that I found somewhere. But is broke down, therefor I need to replace it with a new one. The new is MQTT based and has of course different entity names. And that is where the problem begins.
Obviously I want to keep my old energy information but the old interface had a e.g. sensor ID: sensor.actual_consumption_sensor entity and the same sensor is on the new device has an ID: sensor.dsmrmqtt_9eae21_power_consumed .
My goal is the replace the P1/DSMR-device, yet keep the historic information.
Thanks in advance.

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I guess no one over came across this issue.

I’ve got the same problem. Anyone please??

Idea: what about a symbolic links for new entities to point to the old ones.