Need to create a table in Lovelace UI


I’m trying to create a Lovelace UI dashboard where users can select/deselect their preferences for notifications. The screenshot below was drawn in Excel just to highlight my point, the Y/N will be input booleans that can be toggled for Y/N options.

Screenshot from 2023-10-22 12-59-12

But I’m unable to figure out which Lovelace card can provide this functionality.


PS: I’ve a separate script that will parse these choices to create a unique target list for SMTP notifications in each automation.

You can do something like this with the multiple-entity-row Card: GitHub - benct/lovelace-multiple-entity-row: Show multiple entity states and attributes on entity rows in Home Assistant's Lovelace UI

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Not exactly like your example, but Multiple Entity Row can do multiple toggles


or multiple icons with tap actions


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Thanks @CM000n and @Didgeridrew , this seems to be working for me!