Need to find a smart switch that also supports IR

So I am looking for a smart switch. I don’t care if it is Zigbee or Tuya (as long as it connects properly to HA). But I want one that also responds to IR so I can control it using a basic universal remote in the room.

Currently, I am using a Leviton IR-compatible light switch, but it isn’t smart. Since the IR blaster “sometimes, sometimes not” works, I need a new switch that is smart. That way I can continue controlling it the way I have but also be able to add it to scenes that don’t require a blaster.

I have Google’d it until my eyes hurt. Like being a young teen, I felt if I kept playing with the search button I was going to go blind. So I gave up and now I am asking to see if anyone else has ever seen one :slight_smile:


It’s usually RF that’s included in the switch
Like these

No such device exists. At least in the years of adding IOT devices to my home, I’ve never seen anything like you describe.

I use the Broadlink RM-Mini3 in the rooms that need to send IR.

That’s unfortunate. Sadly, the Broadlink would be an IR blaster replacing an IR blaster. If the switch doesn’t respond at times to the one that it is there, it may not respond to that one either. I have overcome the fact that my current one is Tuya (which is limited when it comes to what HA can control) by using Tap2Run scenes within Tuya to do all the commands I need within an automation and triggering the T2R from HA. But again, sometimes IR reaches what it needs to, sometimes it doesn’t. Most everything else in the room I can control via alternative means (integrations, network commands using Yaml, etc). The switch is the only thing that is stupid and I don’t want to lose IR control for my plain universal remote as I still want physical button control (without having to add yet another remote else I would have simply gotten a Zigbee controller or something and switch).

IR blasters aren’t all equal. How many IR LEDs does your IR Blaster have?
If you stand in front of the switch and point your phone camera to the blaster, you should see a purpleish light when the remote button is pressed. If you can barely see it, then the blaster is weak.

I don’t have anything but my TV and Set Top Box (STB) that are IR controlled, and they respond to the Broadlink just fine.

I can’t remember how many mine has (your basic black pancake tiny little affordable guy). But yes, I know about using a camera to determine IR direction and strength and there are at least two LEDs pointing in the direction of the switch and are bright. I positioned it above (near roof) pointing down so it has an open view of everything and is around 12 feet away from everything at max (birds eye or whatever).