Need to keep re-entering ipaddress and no app settings

Hi folks,
I think I must be losing my mind. Is there an issue with the android app currently? I’ve upgraded my phone to a Samsung a23 5g and after installing the companion app, I can’t find the app settings, every time I clear the app from memory, I have to reenter the nabu casa address.

I went back to my old phone, and now it’s displaying the same behaviour.

Does anyone know what’s going on? I might be missing something obvious here, but it feels like I’m losing my mind.

Can anyone lend a hand here? My next step will be to wipe and restore my system and hope that does it, unless someone can suggest something else.

Same issue here… still digging for solutions

check that you have either default_config or mobile_app in your configuration.yaml

Mobile_app was definitely there. Think default_config was as well, but don’t recall. I’ve moved on and am currently in the process of rebuilding my system from scratch. App is now working as it should on the new build. No idea what set off the problems in my old build, but c’est la vie I guess.