Need to login every time I reload the page


I installed in a docker environment and it’s asking me to login every time I reload the page. I never get the “remember this profile”-popup in the lower right corner. Also I noticed that for each reload of the page a new refresh token is being generated in my profile page.

I tried different browsers, cleared cache, cookies, nothing seems to help.

Does anybody know how to fix that?



It’s been identified as a bug and corrected in 0.107.1.

after update to 0.108.3 still you have to enter all the time user/pass

I tried 0.108.0 Home Assistant Core (docker installation) and, after saving the initial login, it doesn’t ask me again.

I can’t reproduce the problem you are experiencing and don’t know how it stores the login credentials. Therefore someone more familiar with this issue will need to step in and assist you.

I Aldo tried to clear cache, history, etc etc… I will try on different browser.
Now this problem appears on Safari 13.1

I have this issue but only in Opera for Debian, I don’t have it in Brave for devian nor in Opera for Windows