Need to reset a PST02B motion detector from automation

I have a philio PST02B and it detects motion but it does not reset to “no motion” so I need to do this with development tools.
How can I create a amutomation to reset to “clear”?
The ID is “binary_sensor.slim_multi_sensor_pir_temperature_illumination_home_security_motion_detection”
and i development tools is choose this entity and set it to off… but how can I automate this?
I like the motion sensor to toggle when it detects motion so I can alert if my alarm is on but now it goes “on” and stays on forever :frowning:

The entity ID name is binary_sensor.slim_multi_sensor_pir_temperature_illumination_home_security_motion_detection

On this link I think I can see parameter Parameter 7 where I can tell the PST02B to also send motion detection off.

I tried to set this parameter to 6 in the GUI but it still does not help - anyone that have any suggestions?

that should do the trick… did it apply? as it battry powered, the set function is only applied when device is awake.
and in GUI, you mean config panel of the zwave js mgtt addin?

So in the GUI I should set Parameter 7 to 6 then?
This should make my motion detector to be cleard I suppose but no success.

The parameter 7 is updated via z-wave JS integration…

took a small piece of manual
Bit0: Reserve.
Bit1: Enable sending motion OFF report.(0:Disable, 1:Enable)Note: Depends on the Bit4,0: Report Notification CC, Type: 0x07, Event: 0xFE1: Sensor Binary Report, Type: 0x0C, Value: 0x00
Bit2: Enable PIR super sensitivity mode.(0:Disable, 1:Enable)
Bit3: Reserve.
Bit4: Notification Type,0: Using Notification Report. 1: Using Sensor Binary Report.

the note is bit confusing. I have a philio psp5, and have set it to binary report and report off enabled. That combination works with me

Yes a bit tricky
I came to the conclusion to go “0 1 1 0 1 0” = Dev 26…
can this make sense?

think so, make sure wake the device when making the set config value call

Any good trick on how to do this?
I update it with development tools and move infront of it and then it changes state to “moteion detected”…
(Ment decimal 26 above - sorry)
Btw - what tool are you using? the z-wave JS MQTT?
I have the standard Z-wave JS only

screenshot is form zwave integration. I do have mgtt js addon for more visibility on whats happening and configs. But the gap between the 2 is closing since integration is maturing.

sometimes it helps to pull the battery as it will be litte longer awake after boot, but still it’s tricky to time it. Had some challanges there too and ended up on 5 to 10 attempts to update config

I finally got it to work with the parameter settings as above.
It is the entity Id : binary_sensor.slim_multi_sensor_pir_temperature_illumination_motion
that changes state very rapidly now whe parameters are updated abd the “motion detected” I just ignore,

Next and final issue - how can I tell the device to never lit the red flash built in to the device?
Now it lids whenever I pass through and it’s quite anoying…

sounds to me the test mode is enabled. you’ll need to push the button 2 or 3 times if i remember wel. then it goes to normal operation

Yes I agree it is probably in test mode but I cannot find in the manual how to get it into normal mode.
When trying to fix it I opend it and also uncscrued it from the wall so I touched the tamper key…
any idea where I can read about how to get it back to normal mode?
I remember havng the issue before but brain-loss on how I fixed it :frowning:
Thanks in advance