Need to use WPA2 not WPA and google isn't returning examples of 'key-mgmt' options

Hello folks,

I’ve been working through various installation attempts to get my server to use WPA2 versus WPA. I’ve tried finding examples of ‘key-mgmt’ options and I’ve swag’d a few attempts at using ‘wpa2-psk’ versus ‘wpa-psk’. That hasn’t working. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos that claim to specify how to use WPA2, but they don’t actually address it. So, I’m looking for someone who is using WPA2 successfully. I’m using Personal versus Enterprise and my network is UniFi. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: The ‘wpa-psk’ selection was not the problem. Apparently, there’s no distinction between WPA and WPA2 with the ‘wpa-psk’ config item. The root problem in my scenario was the volume label of the flash.

The belenaEtcher was failing to write my image and I was using the Raspberry Pi imager. That wasn’t the problem, either. But, it masked the root problem. Long story short, I was using a 64GB SD Card and, with all my frustrations, I scrapped it and selected a 32GB SD Card. This card was formatted properly using the Raspberry Pi imager and the volume was written correctly, ‘hassos-boot’. I completed the folder creation as well as the file creation and it magically worked…

key-mgmt=wpa-psk works just fine for networks that use WPA2 Personal.

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