Need tutor for integrating the pushsafer notification service


i need a tutor, who can help me to integrate the push notifications service from

With pushsafer you can set up your notification by changing: message, title, icon, sound, vibration, url, url title, url schemes, time to live, you also have the ability to send up to 3 images, the first one is displayed in the notification it self.

Here you find the API description:

I’am really new in programming with python. So i need help.

Currently i have a python package to send push notifications out of python

Who can help me?

Thanks Kevin

Make a copy of one of the other notification services:
And modify it for pushsafer…

General development for HA is described here:

HI Daniel,

i will try it.


Hi Daniel,

i made a pull request

All looks fine, instead of “sign the CLA”, i click on the link, but nothing happens. The spinner rotates now a half hour.