(need) wired multi switch without actual switch control

Hi everybody,

I currently use multiple Aqara Opple switches. These are battery powered zigbee devices you can stick to your wall and have a handy switch. They cannot be controlled and act as sensors only.

Then I have some Moe’s 3-Gang light switches (zigbee also); these replace existing light switches in the walls. They can be controlled via physical touch and act as sensors as well.

While I prefer the Opple, I don’t like that they are battery powered. The batteries seem to last for quite some time, so it isn’t that bad.

The Moe’s seem to cause issues when using them as sensors instead of switches.

Example: I can integrate the Opple into an automation. When I press the button, the automation triggers and whatever is supposed to happen, happens. The Moe’s, however, seem not to like it when I want to use the button presses as triggers for automations, but not to physically switch anything.

Let’s say I have one single light in my room, and a 3-gang Moe’s is connected. I can use one switch to trigger this light - both physically, and through Home Assisant. This should mean that I can use the other two switches - which are not wired to anything at all - as sensors. When I press them, nothing physical should happen, but they should trigger an automation.

However… when I use those switches (on the Moe’s) that are not wired to anything, things don’t work quite as expected. Sometimes, they to into pairing mode and switch off all three switches while doing this. That means, I press button 3 (not physically wired), and instead of acting as a trigger (on software level), the button goes into pairing mode and turns of switch 1 and switch 2. So the light that I didn’t mean to turn off will turn off.

Is there something in between? Like a wired zigbee switch with multiple switches that can act as a regular switch (=“turn light on/off” on button 1), but will not break when using button 2 - button 6; use them as triggers in Home Assistant, but not wrongly trigger the switches pairing mode or turn off any switches that are not meant to be switched off.

My alternative idea is to use ESPHome with multiple input_booleanmomentary switches. Downside is that I’d still have to have a “normal” light switch (for turning on the light in question, which would then always be “on” so that the light bulb itself can be controlled through Home Assistant and the ESPHome) - and fit the ESPHome device in the wall.

So while the ESPHome solution would be better imho in theory, it’d also mean much more work I’d prefer to avoid (drilling additional holes near existing electrical wiring). My walls are made of bricks, not drywall.

Any of you felt this way and found a solution for this? Thank you in advance for your ideas :slight_smile:

Aqara Opple


Doesn’t that only happens if you do a long press on the zigbee switch thus triggering a reset? At least for the tuya version

Unfortunately not.

I believe these 3-Gangs have one pairing button you can long press to trigger a reset. With these, this seems to happen randomly when (normal) pressing those buttons that are not connected to any wires.

Let’s say Button 1 is actually wired (to the ceiling light), Button 2 and Button 3 are not. They are all wired as they are powered by mains, but Button 2 and Button 3 don’t physically switch anything. There is no wire connected to their outputs.

I physically turn on the ceiling light. All good. I then first turn on Button 2, then Button 3. I do this a couple of times to test if everything works (states getting reported to Home Assistant). Eventually, the switch will enter pairing mode.

Perhaps there is a pattern that triggers this, for example pressing 3, 1, 2, 2, 3, 1 in sequence. But if so, this is not documented, and it wouldn’t really make sense anyway because you can simply do the same by long pressing, as you have mentioned.

I think your best option is replace the moes zigbee switch with a tuya wifi switch flashed with esphome. That’s my solution for my tuya 4 gang switch to control my wifi lights.
There’s only beken chip with the latest tuya devices, so libretuya is the way, unless you prefer to swap the tuya chip with esp.

Do you have neutral or no-neutral version? I can very well imagine this would happen with the no-neutral version, as there isn’t any current flowing when the button is not connected. When you press it, it tries to comunicate via zigbee, which of course needs power, and the lack of it results in the switch going off (resetting) or anything random, as you describes…

Anyway, I’m using Moes with neutral, in the exact same scenario as you, and everything works perfectly: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000807168877.html

That’s probably it! I have the no-neutral version. I thought they were still all powered via the incoming wires, but this really sounds like that’s what causes this issue.