Neewer RGB660 WIFI Controller (small electronics project using Home Assistant and ESPHome)

Neewer shipped it’s RGB660 lights, a popular budget video- and photography light, with Bluetooth support. But in my experience both the phone app as well as the bluetooth stack on the lights are horrendous. Thus I built a little gizmo that mounts directly to the back of the light and allows you to reliably control your Neewer RGB660 lights over WIFI using Home Assistant and ESPHome! For convenience and simplicity, it hooks directly into the lights power source and doesn’t require any additional cable runs. Once installed, it just permanently lives with the light and provides a reliable WIFI connection.

I’ve shared the full instructions on how to build one yourself on my blog. Please check them out there!

If you would like to upgrade your Neewer RGB660 but don’t feel comfortable building one yourself, you can now buy the Neewer RGB660 Wi-Fi modules prebuilt from my Tindie store.

I’ve also created a custom ESPHome firmware in the process that allows you to easily pair your ESPHome powered MCU with a light without having to recompile the firmware with the Bluetooth MAC hardware address. Instead, the firmware automatically finds the light and gives you the option to simply pair to it via a simple button press. The WIFI Controller ESPHome firmware can be found on my Github.

Please share you thoughts!

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this is awesome! do you know if it works on other models of light from neewer?

I’m not sure. I only was able to test it with Neewer RGB660. I find it likely to be working with other lights in the same series (Neewer RGB), but haven’t had an opportunity to try yet.

What specific lights do you have? If you have a ESP32 tossing around you could simply flash the firmware to it and see if it can connect and control the light. I’d be willing to help to see if we can get it to work with lights other than RGB660.

I’ve also started selling pre-built versions of this on my Tindie store if you’re interested in something a little less DIY

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