Negative KwH value on zwave Neo Coolcam switch

Hi All

I got 4 Neo Coolcam z-wave switches, they work fine, one small problem 3 of the switches give a negative value for the KwH.
Anybody got the same problem?

Do you have fixed this issue. I asked the supplier at aliexpress but they dont able to fix it

Not really, but Values are good again when I disconnect the plug.

Does it keep working then?

Unfortunately not, it seems that the value will become negative again if no data has been received for a while. As soon as the plug is removed from the socket and put back in again, the value is correct again. The total consumption is correct again.

the other values are always correct .

I fixed with the following:
Create a integration sensor in configuration.yaml:

  - platform: integration
    source: sensor.current_power
    name: energy_spent
    unit_prefix: k
    round: 2

You need to add your w sensor not your kwh sensor at source. This will solve the extreme outputs.

After you restart home assistant, it will create a seperate sensor which will measure the right way.

Hope it helps

Ok, I will try that, thanks

Hi All,

Is there any other solution to this issue?

I have some wall switches and when I restart ZwaveJS2MQTT I see those negative values also.
I read the internet (not the whole internet haha) and it seems something with the way how Zwave Controller handle the information that get it back from the switches.

So their should be a possible fix for that be created?

Dump the sensor output into a template and have the template snip off anything under 0

How? Still having this issue.

This is a ongoing issue. Neo,coolcam say that’s it not a problem of the sensor. It’s the problem of the dingle you use and the software you use…

I tried to create sensors and read the watt value. But it’s not updating correct so values are not correct. And even on 1 sensor there was a negative value

It cant be truth…I’ve tried those plugs with Razberry and their software and now with Aotec Zwave dongle with HA (OpenZwave, Zwavejs) no matter witch software you use those plugs always report some negative values (you can find topics on Openhab, domoticz etc.) so those are just trash! I’m in the middle of switching to Zigbee. But still cant find plugs in similiar shape (rounded ,compact)

Dongle does not handle a values. It only can transform recieved value from Z-Wave to serial.
This is a known problem of Neo.
Solution 1: Try another socket. May be not so cheap, but less buggy :slight_smile:
Solution 2: Reset it, when it lwss, then 0. Like this:
Where: blue one triggered, if KWH sensor less, then zero.
Function is:

var neonode=100500
return msg;

(you node id, instead of 100500)

and topic


I have this piece of junk too. When it happened one more time i can confirm workaround, or can correct it.

For those who still need a fix. I created a template sensor for this:

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