Negative solar panel production since switch to MariaDB

I have switched from sqlite to MariaDB with the sqlite3 to mysql script from here.

However, when there is no data (or no production) it shows up as a negative number. This happens only for data since the last record that was made on sqlite. Earlier zero-data is correctly shown as 0.

Any idea what could be wrong?

(On the left, zero valued data as it should be. On the right, zero valued data showing up as negative.)

If you have used the script / methods mentioned in the linked post, I would ask your question there.
The people in that topic might have an idea, what went wrong - or why this happened.

I am not sure … I’ve switched to a Maria DB some time ago, but I can’t remember that I had such issues.
But I never moved old data to the MariaDB, because I had several other issues with the integration that was generating the data…

Right now, I am running on a SQLite again - until my setup is finished… then, I will again switch to Maria… but again, without importing old data.

The plan is - that the switch should be done on December 31st 23:59:59 … to start with CLEAN data directly on the 1st.