Neo coolcam pir motion sensor with tasmota

almost a week now been trying to figure out how to make this thing function:

i tried esphome first:

but wasn’t able to connect to it on HA.

then i have managed to flash tasmota on to it. but got stuck.
i can’t figure out which gpio does what.
and it doesn’t help that the damn thing goes to sleep every 30s.

any help?

Here, this one did it for me: (SOLVED) Neo Coolcam PIR motion Sensor

forgot to mention, mine is a wifi, not z-wave.


I also managed to flash tasmota on my neo coolcam PIR motion sensor wifi.
Do you manage to make it work since you writed this post ?

nope, gave up and moved back to esphome.
it has something to do with the tuya mcu communication but i don’t know how to do it.

Thx. I’ll tell if I find something to make it work.

This thread will save your time:

It works all the way in HA.
Earykong TYMC-1 Door Window Contact Sensor (MC400A) Configuration for Tasmota is the template you are looking for. It is about door sensor but it works without change for the PIR sensor too.

i actualy have this door sensor so i know about the tuyamcu process and i did try to do it with the same process but i didn’t get the fnid messages (weblog 4), triggering the pir resulted nothing on the console, maybe it’s just my device but i did got it to work with esphome.
i have another coolcam pir to play with i will try it again and report

well as i suspected, the other one is behaving the same.

21:00:00 MQT: tele/PIR_WiFi/RESULT = {“TuyaReceived”:{“Data”:“55AA00050005660400010074”,“Cmnd”:5,“CmndData”:“6604000100”}}
21:00:00 MQT: tele/PIR_WiFi/RESULT = {“TuyaReceived”:{“Data”:“55AA00050005650100010171”,“Cmnd”:5,“CmndData”:“6501000101”}}

These are the two MQTT messages I see in console when it senses any motion.
After setting up the MQTT server details inside Tasmota, it works fine.

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what gpio is your tuya rx and tx?

1 TX
3 RX

just like the template.

i think i found where i got it wrong.
i enabled the template and it didn’t work.
after resetting and choosing the tuyamcu module (54) i got it working.
the template page says: (or apply the provided template, result is the same).
but it didn’t work in my case.
well anyway… next is to see if i can get the battery stats.

hi, I’m using a different version (guess a next gen) of this neo coolcam wifi pir sensor (NAS-PD02W / DZ3745-00B). Cannot find the right module / template in Tasmota for that. Was able to flash it with Tasmota, but no luck with TuyaMCE(54) or NeoCoolcam(49). If I ‘toggle’ in tasmota an MQTT message is send, but nothing happens on motion sensing.
Did anyone perhaps have any luck / experience with this version of Neo Coolcam sensor?
Irregardless of the above, will it work anyhow motion sensing over MQTT with a batery powered ESP (&deepsleep)? I accept a short battery life.
Thanks a ton.

don’t know about that version.
does the esp wake up on motion?
if so you can make a rule to transmit a mqtt message on boot and reset it with delay_off on HA.
i have another wifi pir that i made to work that way. it’s only good for security not automation, but battery wifi pir usually sucks for automation anyway becaus of the delay. so it might be good for you.

also try the esphome method, right now i have 1 with tasmota and 1 with brandon’s esphome script and they both work the same. so maybe you will have more luck with that.